Policy Statement
  Imams Code of Conduct


Any Imam or religious leader working with the London Muslim Mosque (LMM) will adhere to the following Code of Conduct. A clear understanding of their role in the capacity of religious leader and their conduct while performing their duties is critical.

Policy Statement

Working with the London Muslim Mosque, the Imam or religious leader will:

  • Follow the Statement of Faith as articulated in the Bylaw (1.3)

  • Be professional, ethical, and accountable • Keep confidential information shared (only disclosing as per the law or policy)

  • Declare conflicts of interest as they arise • Never use the pulpit to disseminate personal biases

  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries

  • Remain sensitive at all times to the diversity of religious expression among Muslims in Canada and the diversity of madhabs (schools of thought) within their own congregation

  • Be model tolerance and respect by honouring different schools of thought

  • Ensure they have proper experience, background, and training when involved in areas such as mediation, marriage counselling or other areas where they are providing advice

  • Provide a vulnerable police records check Additionally, the Imam or religious leader will adhere to the policies developed by LMM in the following areas:

  • Responsibilities of professional and volunteer imams including ethical practices and standards of practice

  • Ethical standards

  • Appropriate professional boundaries and conflict of interest

  • Marriage commissioner: role and responsibilities

  • Meditation: process and guidelines

  • Family counselling: ethical standards for imams

  • General counselling: ethics and responsibilities • Guidelines for social etiquettes

  • Responding to domestic abuse

  • Protection of children, youth, and vulnerable adults

  • Hate speech in Canada

  • Information and Communication Technology

These policies will be guided by the work of the London Council of Imams and informed by the Canadian Council of Imams.

The Imam is accountable to the Board of Directors. In the day-to-day work of the Imam, he will interact with the Board Chair. His annual performance will be led by the Board Chair and include at minimum:

  • One other Board of Director

  • One representatives from the London Council of Imam