Sheikh Aarij reminds us that we are better together

Proposed by Sheikh Aarij

Sheikh Aarij encourages us to come together during these difficult times and make a commitment of $10/week to better the community. 


Please donate at to support your London Muslim Mosque and community!

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Sheikh Aarij

Sheikh Aarij

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2020-05-20 15:00 (Canada/Eastern)
1 minute

How Can You Donate

You have 3 methods to choose from

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1. Become Regular Donor

Become a weekly, monthly (options available) by participating in the Better Together campaign online, by Clicking here using your Credit Card, VISA/ MC DEBIT, or Interac e-Transfer.

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2. Mail a Cheque to the Mosque

Mail cheque payable to the London Muslim Mosque with a memo for the Better Together campaign to:

151 Oxford Street West, London, ON N6H 1S3.

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3. Call our Executive Secretary

Call our Executive Secretary, Sr. Zaineb Souahi at (519) 439-9451 ext 239 for further support and she will take your credit card details or banking information to process one-time or recurring payments. Or arrange for a pickup or a dropoff of your donation.